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Hello you there - nice that you found my pages!

I am a Finnish writer and have written so far three fantasy novels for kids (the Prophecy, the Curse and the Enchantment), a fairytale book for charity ("Shiny golden dreams") and now a first book for a new children's serie (Senttu and Great Uncle's Ghost).

Moreover I have been a writer / editor in two other book projects: (What a blunder!) together with Netta Walldén and Ilmasta riippuen (Hanging from / depending on the air) with Olli Luoma.

You can find the sample text of my first book here and the book covers of all of my fantasy books here.

Moreover you can check a presentation of my first book in English made by Read, Write and Publish -blog.

with Kindest Regards,

PS In case of any questions or just wanting to say hi, you are welcome to contact me at hanna_vandersteen AT!

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